Pacific Sovereign Gold Bullion Coin - Fiji

Fineness: .9999 Actual Gold Content: 1 troy ounce (31.1035 grams) Diameter: 32 mm
Face Value : 100 Fijian Dollars (FJ$100)

The Fijian Pacific Sovereign gold bullion coin is a beautiful 24-karat, bullion, one-ounce gold coin of .9999 purity minted by the New Zealand Mint first released mid-2009 in commemoration of the islands of Fiji, a sovereign nation and member albeit a suspended member as of 2006 of the Commonwealth of Nations.

The design of the Pacific Sovereign bullion coin evokes the feeling of basking in the warmth of Fiji, on a golden sand beach, overlooking an aquamarine sea with palm trees gently wafting in the breeze. The serenity and safety of peaceful solitude is captured in the timeless beauty of the Gold Pacific Sovereign, a manifestation of happiness and wealth. The Pacific Sovereign is 1oz of pure fine gold that is legal tender of Fiji with a nominal value of Fiji $100. A collaboration between renowned Swiss gold refinery PAMP SA and the New Zealand Mint, this coin combines the best of technical skill, innovative design and the pure perfection of gold.

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